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Award Winning, Non-Stop Local Service Support


Sims Business Systems realizes you have must have a productive office and you cannot afford to have an office products company that does not understand your concerns. Sims has an unwavering commitment to your total satisfaction with innovative ideas and approaches to customer service. By choosing Sims Business Systems, you can count on a local family owned business to take care of your needs, so you can focus on your core business. Let the Sims Customer Service Team provide your business with maximum up-time, the finest and fastest service possible in Arizona and beyond.


Placing a Service Call


At the time of your call to Sims Service, Dispatch will:

  • An actual person will take your call.
  • Determine the nature of the equipment issue.
  • Offer telephone assistance when possible.
  • Notify the appropriate technician via “state of the art” dispatching software.


The Service Call

Your Sims professional service technician will solve your immediate service issue fast and efficiently. We can say this with certainty for the following reasons:

We utilize a state of the art dispatching software that informs your technician within seconds of your service call being placed. The software also shows the technician your complete service history along with any parts that have been replaced previously. Our technicians will call you within an hour to give you an ETA for their arrival.

Preventative maintenance is performed at the time of service, even if it is earlier than what is required per the preventative maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer.

And speaking of parts, our technicians only use new, OEM parts. You may think that this is standard operating procedure, however in our industry in order to cut costs, many if not all of our competitors utilize second source and/or used parts to save money. Even worse than that, most companies in our industry also determine their technician’s increases in part, on the dollar amount they use in parts (the less parts they use, the larger their increases are). This is not the case at Sims Business Systems.


Our Technical Staff

The average tenure of our technical staff is in excess of 15 years.

We provide factory training for our technical staff, on average 4 equipment classes per year, per technician.

All our technicians carry tablet devices that not only connect them to our office and dispatch, but also to our manufacturer website and each other. They also have all technical documentation for your equipment on their tablets for reference.

Our technicians carry a complete trunk stock for your equipment with them. However, if for some reason they do not have a particular part, they can not only search their fellow technician’s trunk stocks, but also our extensive in house parts inventory from their tablet in order to reduce overall downtime.

To sum it all up, Sims Business Systems delivers the highest level of customer service.

Sims has been in the copier industry for the past 50 years, with 34 of those years right here in Tempe. Over that time, many changes have been made, except when it comes to our commitment to customer service and support. Sims Business Systems continues to follow our family recipe for success. You will experience the highest level of service support; we put our name on it! At Sims, we believe that the service we provide is a never-ending mission of improvement.Our goal is to “out do ourselves”, which is why our slogan reads:

”We don’t meet the competition. We make it!”