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Sims Elite Print


Welcome to Sims Elite Print. At Sims we call it Elite Print because the services we offer set us apart. Most vendors in out industry use the same “cookie-cutter” tools to set-up and monitor print management programs. The difference is reflected in the service/support and accuracy of information you will receive. The information will provide accurate accounting, controls, and trends. We put in place consistent recommendations that will guide you through a continuous journey of improvement. That’s what Sims is all about. So ask yourself who better to be your business partner than Sims? With unsurpassed integrity in everything we do, and we have been doing it for 34 years! Find out more today about Elite Print for your Sims representative.

At Sims, we take Manage Print Services to another level, this is why we call our unique program Elite Print. The Elite Print process begins with developing a customized program to meet your organizations exact needs, not a “one size fits all approach”! Instead we create a continuouslly evolving, meticulously measured partnership. The result? A continuous journey of improvement.


Let us explain how it works:

Step 1

Sims outlines goals and objectives.

Unlike any other printer provider, an Elite Print partnership does not require you to purchase new equipment. We start by working to gain a complete understanding of your goals and objectives, taking into account any changes that may influence your print managed services into account.

Step 2

Sims reviews your existing printing equipment and process.

Keeping your goals in mind, we review and analyze your existing copies, printers, and their processes to ensure that they are adequately meeting your end user’s needs and allowing employees to work efficiently. Sims also wants to ensure that each device is the most cost effective product for your organization.

Step 3

Putting a strategy into place.

With an in-depth analysis that our experts perform, we work with you to create Sims Elite Print program. In this collaboration with you, we create the most efficient and productive office environment possible. Your Sims expert will suggest redeploying or replacing devices to create greater improvements in efficiency or recommend changing print processes within your work group or organization.

Step 4

Elite Print Implementation.

With our combined strategy in place, Sims can now place any new technology needed in order to begin Sims Elite Print. Sims can now take the burden off of your I.T. Staff ensuring easy billing, proactive maintenance and supply fulfillment, financial controls, and cost reduction on an average of 25%.

Step 5

Journey of Improvement.

Your Sims Elite Print is just beginning at Sims. We take the time to review the results and revise your strategy during each of your quarterly reviews in order to guide you through a continuous journey of improvement!

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