Sims Business Systems continues a commitment of more than 50 years to provide every customer with superior technology and service to save time and money when it comes to managing documents.

Sims is leading the way with new solutions that makes duplicating documents faster and more cost effective than ever.

1950s –  Sims creates the Sims Copy Cat — The first fully automatic diffusion copier of its time. This new technology provided clients with an economical way to eliminate their dependency on carbon paper.

1960s – Sims provides its customers an alternative to the high cost and patent-protected “plain paper” market controlled by Xerox.

1970s – Sims again provides its customers with a cost effective alternative to Xerox with one of the first “plain paper” copiers.

1980s – Sims becomes an industry leader, marketing the most innovative copiers in the country.

1990s – Sims forms a partnership with Ricoh. Sims is the first copier company to bring digital copying technology to customers.

2000s – Sims changes the way that our clients manage their offices by providing the first affordable multi-functional color business products.

2010 – 2015 – Sims challenges Xerox head-on in high production environments. Sims goes green with Green Initiatives and more efficient ways to operate your business.

2015 and Beyond – Sims contines to evolve with the marketplace while Samsung’s printer business is bought out by HP, Sims becomes partners with HP. Sims also now offers full IT Services from Sims Professional IT Services Inc. a separate company dedicated solely to managed services.