Superior Products

We’ve done the product research for you. Due to our proven success, experience, and financial strength, Sims Business Systems is in a unique position to pick the product line(s) of choice. Sims exclusively markets Lanier, a premium Ricoh brand, which is the #1 manufacturer of business equipment in the world.

Ricoh/Lanier provides:

High Quality driven technology, most reliable in the industry
The only complete line to fit any type of office environment
Unparalleled service and support on top of Sims’ own team of service / I.T. technicians

Unlike competitors, Ricoh’s core business is developing multi-functional office products and document management solutions/software. Lanier has the widest array of products for small, medium, and high production environments. Sims will take the time to help you figure out exactly which products and solutions will best fit your business.

HP has been providing extremely high quality parts to many manufacturers of printers for many years. When it comes to choose products, Sims only parts with the highest quality manufacturers available. HP has a wide range of enterprise multi-function printers. All of our technicians are certified to repair HP equipment. We also offer a variety of Wide-Format printers and even more products by request such as laptop/desktop computers.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) provides:

Long-standing history of high quality and reliable products… quick printing, low power use
Sims provides genuine HP toner for your HP devices at a comparable cost to inferior aftermarket supplies
Driven by innovation, HP is constantly improving their technology and coming out with new features
– Toner has an extremely low melt point(more efficient), perfect fit, correct color, sustainable design
  • Up to 70% of Print Quality is determined by toner cartridge 70% 70%
Brother provides many products in several industries outside of printing… Sims only focuses on products from Brother that have to do with the office environment. The new Brother “Workhorse Series” is the latest in enterprise color and black and white MFPs. If you are looking for more of a budget friendly option, Brother printers will get the job done.

Brother provides:

Lower initial cost on equipment, more budget friendly options
Fast printing speed on enterprise machines (However, more warm up time than HP or Ricoh)
Just in the past two years, a strong move towards creating higher quality, more reliable equipment