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We will be selecting one business per week to be featured on a podcast with Shawn Sims Bradford that will be recorded in a studio provided by a local radio station. The podcast will be distributed to our customers, email subscribers, on multiple podcast platforms, posted on and our social media profiles.

We want to know:

  • When and How to you got started
  • Your challenges at the start and now
  • What Products, Services, or value you provide to the Arizona community
  • What have you done to innovate and evolve with the ever changing business environment
  • What inspiration can you provide to other business owners on their journey


We are excited to be interviewing some of the most successful business/non-profit leaders in Arizona and sharing their secrets! Our show is sponsored by Sims Business Systems of Tempe, Arizona. Scroll down for links to popular podcast platforms and also find all episodes on this page. Follow us for updates when we post new episodes:

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Subscribe on your favorite podcast platforms or listen below:

Join us as John McBride, a financial and wealth advisor and founder of Stewardship for Life, provides us with valuable insights into today’s current financial environment during these unprecedented times.  John knowledgeably speaks on our current economic situation and provides us with much needed ideas for keeping our financial/mental health strong.

Connect with Stewardship for Life, Inc.

Have you been wanting to help your community during this current crisis?  Here is your opportunity:  Harvest Compassion Center offers food, hygiene and clothing to those in need of these basic rights (items we often take for granted).  Harvest Compassion Center is open and is currently working with other organizations to bring folks what they need.  How can you help?  A financial donation, clean out your closet for very gently used clothes, a donation of new hygiene products and/or contact Harvest Compassion Center to ask what they need.

Connect with Harvest Compassion Center

Episode 13 – Shower Clear

In Episode 13 of Exposing Entrepreneurs Secrets we are thrilled to feature Steve Sunshine, Inventor of Shower Clear from Phoenix, Arizona. Steve teaches us where the inspiration comes from to invent a product and we also discuss challenges on bringing that product to life in the marketplace.

Visit Steve’s Website

Episode 12 – Bleuwave

Join us for Episode 12 featuring J.J. Levenske from Bleuwave in Chandler, Arizona. J.J. helps build and lead teams for the correct go-to-market strategy, business processes, and requisite skills to deliver sustained results. His value to an organization is to operationalize it in a way that reduce inefficiency and increase revenue. J.J. specializes in just about anything relating to the construction industry. 

Visit Bleuwave’s Website

Episode 11 – Advance and Emerge Women

Join us for episode 11 with Aaliyah and Aryel as they discuss  Advance and Emerge Women in Phoenix, Arizona. Advance & Emerge Women (A & E Women) is a nonprofit organization passionate about the social and professional advancement of women. A & E Women also strives to connect a diverse group of professional women in the community, while creating a platform for emerging and established local women-owned businesses.

Click here to learn more about their event coming up on Saturday 2-8-20

Episode 10 – Ed Olsen

Ed is the owner of Line Drive Sports Marketing and Re-Thinc Advertising in Phoenix, Arizona. Ed shares his wisdom and gives some inspiring advice for young entrepreneurs.

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Jared with SG Law shares tips every entrepreneur must know before they start their business.

Episode 6 – Phoenix Modern

Episode 5 – Serendipit Consulting

Episode 4 – Vita Property Services

Episode 3 – Realty Executives

Episode 2 – Bakkum Noelke

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