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NEW EPISODE: Episode 16 | George Papamatheakis - Collision Chiropractors

by Exposing Entrepreneur Secrets | Season 1, Episode 16

About Episode 16:

George Papamatheakis – Collision Chiropractors| Phoenix, Arizona

Join us as George Papamatheakis, co-owner of Collision Chiropractors, shares with us 14 years of experience and a life-time of entrepreneurship. Ever since he was a child he knew we was destined to be his own boss.

George is a highly driven entrepreneur. His roles have included executive team leadership, restaurant management/ownership and business development. Mr. Papamatheakis has served as an Executive Team Leader at All Communications Network (ACN), CEO of Platinum Nightlife Entertainment and CEO and President of Bizzlync Inc. He also has experience as a Manager at Deer Valley Airport Restaurant, Owner of Under Review and Vice President of Business Relationships at Mixology Sport. 

About Exposing Entrepreneur Secrets

We are excited for you to join us as host/creator of the show Shawn Sims Bradford interviews some of the most successful business entrepreneurs in Arizona. Together they will breifly share their story, challenges, and secret tips! Our show is sponsored by Sims Business Systems of Tempe, Arizona and Ricoh. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow us for updates!

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Shawn Sims Bradford

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Kyle Kostric

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