Our Mission

Sims Business Systems, Since 1978

Our mission at Sims Business Systems is to always provide the highest quality service possible. Sims’ clients are always number one! 

Not just large companies, but all the local, small businesses that are our customers as well. In fact, we always try to support other family-owned, local businesses, because that’s what we are.

Sims Business Systems has been partnered with Ricoh, USA for over 30 years now. Sims and Ricoh originally brought to Arizona and Illinois the first digital copiers available and even before that were selling and servicing analog equipment. Being part of a  digital business revolution and the transofmration from analog to digital and now paperless has had it’s ups and downs, but the most important thing it’s given us is experience.

When it comes to copiers and printers, there are a number of  companies that fizzle out year after year. When it comes to SIMS, not only have we survived the test of time, but we’ve thrived over the past 42+ years. You can always count on Sims to be there to make sure you can always get help with the crucial equipment and devices you run your business on.

We understand that each business is different, has different sized budgets, number of employees, requirements, and desired features so we always work side by side with our clients along the entire process as well as  long after the intial sale.

Some companies want to sell a customer a piece of equipment, sign them up for service or a lease and then never speak to them again. At Sims, we believe that our customers are the most important and we are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience. When it comes time to upgrade or trade-in, we even take care of the lease return process and deal with leasing companies on behalf of our customers which is something that none of our competitors do.


It is our goal to treat each and every customer just like our largest customer. At Sims, we don’t even have a 1-800 number, because your call to (480)345-4000 goes directly to our main office in Tempe, Arizona. Here you will be able to speak with a real, local person. That might not seem like a big deal, but we keep everything local when it comes to our support and service staff.

We believe that being able to reach someone fast, who’s friendly, and well-trained is extremely important. Our service staff surpasses the strict standards of Sims and delivers the highest quality service to our customers.

When a copier, printer, computer, network, email service, or server goes down. The consequences can be disastrous. That’s where Sims comes in. Not only do we have 24×7 remote monitoring available for our clients, we can remotely track and manage all your printing supplies and deliver them without even placing an order. That way, our customers never have to worry about ordering toner or printing supplies again. 

Sims also offers an experience like no other. We have been referred to as a “Technology Boutique”, because of our highly trained local representative’s personalized and friendly service approach. Each of our employees not only aims to meet the needs and requirements of a client, but also far surpass any initial expectations.

We actually listen to the needs, requirements, budget concerns, features desired, and any other questions that our customers may have. We promise to always provide a well researched and personalized recommendation for our clients. This recommendation could come in many forms and could include an individual item or a combination of the hundreds of products and services that Sims offers. Of course this would fit into the budget and provide exactly what the client is looking for based on discovery questions.

Our service technicians are all local, but have been factory trained and certified. During COVID-19 we implemented processes which would allow our techs to continue repairing, monitoring, and supporting our customers.

All Sims’ technicians have completed formal in-depth training and are manufacturer certified on the copiers, printers, phone systems, computers, and other products Sims offers.

Sims’ warehouse is located in Tempe, Arizona and is stockpiled with toner, ink, paper, copier/printers and parts. We understand that when our very essential clients need something, they need it usually the same day or next day. Sims’ response time is 4 hours or less on just about any issue. Most problems can be solved remotely and each service request is addressed with a combination of speed, convenience, and accuracy.

Sims always promises to do our best to provide fast, reliable, freindly, honest, convenient, and intelligent service to all businesses and non-profits of the local Arizona community.

Sims is active and participates in community outreach in the form of donating to local non-profits and also supports them with business technology services. Many of our customers are medical, dental, education, government, casino, office, whatever business you fit into, Sims has the best products and services for the job. We offer specialized purchasing programs such as US Communities, and other medical related purchased programs with discounted pricing. We’ve also implemented green initiatives with recycling programs for our warehouse and also a toner recycling program.

Our mission never ends, because it is a continueous journey of improvment. Sims’ mission is to always keep evolving with whatever the current trends of the business technology industry. Not only to evolve with the trends, but get ahead of them and create not just a trend, but a long-lasting industry standard.

Sims has and will always be an innovator. Being part of the transition from analog to digital, to now paperless solutions and remote I.T. services… Sims has done it all and isn’t anywhere near stopping.

Sims has a thriving partnership with both Ricoh for 30+ years, HP for over 5 years, and also has recently become a Lexmark authorized dealer. Sims is independent and able to pick and choose only the best technology to offer our clients.

By being an authorized dealer for a number of manufacturers, we are able to provide custom solutions which could combine any number of different brands, with phones, interactive whiteboards, other products, as well as the service/support to back them up for our clients. We can include all of it in one low monthly payment on one plan.

For more info you can call us at 480.345.4000 to schedule a demo, an appointment with a member of our experienced team. For current clients, you can submit service requests and more through our Customer Support Center on our website menu.