Office Equipment Consulting

Sims Business Systems strives to always offer our customers quality products that will enable their business to thrive. In order to ensure that you receive the equipment perfectly suited for the needs of your business, Sims provides Office Equipment Consulting.

During this free consultation, a Sims client advocate will work closely with you to determine which tools will most suitably execute the goals of your business. They will help you make smart decisions regarding which equipment is best and explain how it is used, how it is supported over its lifespan, its life expectancy, operating cost, and much more. There are many variables that come along with selecting equipment and how long to use it, and Sims will be by your side through the whole process!


Companies can underestimate the cost of printing by up to 40%*


9 out of 10 North American companies have no idea what they spend on printing annually*

As your company grows and the dynamic of your workforce changes, your equipment should evolve with you. Many complications can arise when trying to get machines of different types and manufacturers to work together. Sims is an authorized Ricoh, Lanier, and HP dealer, and our technicians are trained to integrate our products with those that our customers wish to keep in their fleet.


Additionally, not being forced to only sell one dealer’s products allows us to create a custom setup to precisely fit your needs. With Sims, you can sit back and allow us to make the change happen! Sims also makes it easy to upgrade your fleet when you choose to do so. We will exchange your equipment, set up your new equipment for you, and haul away the old equipment so the process is seamless. It doesn’t get any easier than with Sims!

Sims Business Systems has been an excellent business partner for the Berge Auto Group for well over a decade. We feel that they have done a superb providing both leading edge technology and great service to our multiple locations while making sure we get best value for every dollar spent. I would highly recommend them to any business looking for a true partner.

Duane Wilkes

Controller, Berge Auto Group

When you have been in business for as long as we have, you realize just how few vendors you can really count on. When we find one, we hold onto them.

Sims Business Systems has been our valued business partner for over 35 years. Sims is as strong as Steel.

Chuck Clark

President, Able Steel Fabricators, INC.

Unlike our competitors, Sims continues to provide our clients the best customer service even after the sale is made. When you lease equipment with us, we are sure to follow up with you throughout the life of your lease and contact you before your lease ends to discuss your next steps. With Sims, leasing is easy and hassle free!