Local Dealership

A message from Mark Sims – Chief Executive Officer

People frequently ask me how a local dealer can survive more than three decades when every other local dealer and many manufacturers have sold, merged, or folded. I can only say that we continue the family recipe for success.

First, we research the market to provide our customers the best products – never second best. Then, we ensure that our products are blended with the highest quality of service and support. We disagree with the philosophy of many of our past and current competitors that it is easier to sell to a new customer at any price, than to maintain and service and existing one…

I believe that we have the responsibility of protecting your investment today and in years to come. The product you buy is an essential working tool for your company, and must be maintained to your standards by a company with integrity.

To ensure that we always provide the highest level of service, we grow hand-in-hand with our employees, encouraging and aiding them to reach their full potential. Our team has earned us the reputation of fairness, fast-service, dependability, and honesty.

Our people think of our customers first, and they don’t answer to the stockholders of equipment manufacturing companies. Everything you experience from Sims is local including our inventory of parts and supplies. There is no 800-number for service or billing questions.

We keep many of our customers for decades by treating each client as our most important and largest customer. We will treat you with the same level of support and service that has been the family recipe for success for more than 50 years.

The Sims name has been synonymous with superior products and services since 1954. Today, I still put the family name on it. Thank you for choosing Sims Business Systems.

– Mark Sims