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SIMS Vs Xerox

Sims versus Xerox… On Paper and Off!

Local or Outsourced

Xerox signed a 7-year agreement with India’s HCL to outsource many support positions, saving an estimated $90M in 2019

Sims just passed its 40th year in serving Arizona! Sims is Arizona’s only locally owned office technology company that has survived and thrived over the test of time.

These recent announcement by Xerox comes as no surprise to us. For decades we all have witnessed major corporations outsource many of our US jobs. In our industry the vast majority of copier/technology dealers have folded, been acquired by a manufacturer, or by a capital investment group. All of these groups typically outsource jobs and centralize their products and services. This is all in an effort to reduce cost, enrich the top layers of their bureaucracy, and please their stockholders. These type of moves create a short-term gain as their clients gets shortchanged and the corporation ultimately suffers.

Welcome to Sims, your refreshing copier/technology company. At Sims, we answer only to our clients, not our shareholders. When you choose us you receive personal service from members of our local community. All products, supplies, parts, billing, service personal, and sales are all located right here in Tempe. With Sims there is not a dozen of 1-800 numbers for each service you may require, only 1 number or 1 e-mail delivers you accessibility to any question, concern, or requests you have! Believe it or not… you actually speak with real live people located at our office in Tempe, Arizona.

Sims is and has always been the leader in office technology, because we never forget our old-fashioned recipe for success… and that is to treat each customer as if they are our most important client! It also doesn’t hurt to have the full support of Ricoh, the #1 manufacturer of digital products, as well as H.P.’s global presence behind us! 

If you feel as if your organization deserves the best, not second best, then call or contact us today!


Phone: (480) 345-4000

Customer Support for Clients of SIMS (now more mobile-friendly)

For current clients of SIMS, we made  CUSTOMER SUPPORT for you to quickly and easily submit requests to our service and supply departments: 

Request Printer and Copier Service 

Request Supplies

Request IT Services

Update Your Copier/Printer Meter 

Complete our 2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey

and of course you can always Contact Us 


Based on your feedback we have programmed better confirmation emails as well as greatly improved the formatting on mobile devices. Enjoy!

Did you also know that you can pick up supplies from our building directly at our warehouse located at 124 W. Julie Dr. Tempe, Arizona? 

Just make sure to contact us first to make sure we have your item in stock. 

Thank you for choosing Sims Business Systems!

Mobile Preview:

(New Video) Arizona Copier Sales | Service | Supplies – Tempe, Arizona

Google Plus ends April 2019

We saved this video archive of our Google+ content since it’s going to all disapear April 2019.

Benefits of Hiring a Certified Printer Technician from Sims

Benefits of Hiring a Certified Printer Technician from Sims

40+ Years of Experience in the Industry

By hiring a certified trained technician from Sims(included in a service plan), you can trust that you’ll always receive the benefits below:

Faster response for service calls: When vital equipment or systems are affected by some event, response time to solve the issue can be crucial. It is important to hire a reliable company with factory trained technicians and proven track record of 40 years in the industry. With Sims, you can rest assured that we always have local support available right here in Tempe, Arizona. Our technicians travel all over the valley and even outside of Maricopa County, Monday through Friday,  8AM to 5PM.

Reduce Pressure on your staff: When something happens, there’s no need to panic, simply fill out a form under our Customer Support section or simply call us at 480.345.4000.

Certified Technician is familiar with technology: Our techs don’t want to spend any more time at your business than they have to, because they understand that your machine being down means your business functions are inoperable and must be fixed immediately. When you have someone who’s had years of experience in the industry as well as recent certifications for updated training programs… you know that not only will it be repaired with speed, but will be fixed the right way with OEM parts.

Genuine parts are key: Just like anything else, when you don’t use factory parts, things just don’t last… Our warehouse located in Tempe, Arizona stocks a wide-array parts and supplies for Ricoh/Lanier, HP, Samsung, Brother, Lexmark, and more! Our technicians only replace parts with OEM replacements directly ordered from the manufacturer. We know that inferior quality parts leads to more problems and that is something Sims avoids by using only the highest quality parts and supplies.

Knowledgable, Friendly, and Respectful: If you are looking printer repair services, from a trusted company, you can’t lose with Sims. Our technicians have years of experience, extensive knowledge of equipment, and advanced skills in multifunction printer repair. Our technicians also understand that while on your premises they are an extension of your business.

Sims 40th Photos and Videos

Thank you to all of our customers for making this day possible. We loved seeing you, and hope you enjoyed our 40th annual customer appreciation day and we look forward to seeing you next year. Check out highlights on the pages below or at

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