Office Equipment Leasing

Aside from Office Equipment Consulting, Sims also provides Office Equipment Leasing.

Office equipment can be quite expensive to purchase and to operate as well as pay for a service plan. Luckily Sims makes it easy and includes all of it in one convenient package for our clients.
What this means is that Sims will actually handle and walk you through the process of running a credit check and obtaining a lease through the proper leasing company so that all of your equipment you get from Sims will be covered under one monthly payment.

Sims provides tremendous value after the initial sale. Our client advocates are dedicated to finding the best deals on the highest quality equipment for your organization. Whether that be copiers, printers, computers, interactive whiteboards, I.T. services, or managed print services, Sims has you covered.

Our client advocates are all about building relationships in the local Arizona community. We focus on In-Person, one-on-one consultations where we can get a clear line of understanding and communication on the requirements of our clients as well as their goals for the future.

Contact us to schedule a free in-person network/printing consultation. We can go as far as to look at your equipment, or run a full diagnostic scan of your current network infrastructure and printer environment. When we can understand clearly what devices you are currently using and your actual usage, we can then provide the best recommendations on upgrades or replacements. 

We can run a print diagnostic over a period of 1 month and provide you with a report of your actual usage and costs based off that usage. We can then provide you a professional recommendation based off that report and your target monthly budget.

Contact Us to schedule your free consultation today!