Professional I.T. Services

Outsourcing I.T. via Managed Services: 9 Key Benefits


Overall Efficiency

With the technical duties removed from your plate, you can shift your full attention on more deserving matters – such as running your business.


Benefit from the ability to centralize all your applications and servers within managed data centers to enhance the efficiency of remote tasks.


Sensitive data, equipment, and other technical valuables are in good hands with high-end security and data recovery systems.


You easily gain access to a team of highly-trained, fully qualified specialists to take care of your I.T. system.


I.T. is the vehicle for edging out on the competition, and with that aspect of the business handed to the experts, you’re always in the game.

Risk Reduction

With a managed service in place, downtimes and other unfortunate events are already prepared for, thus saving you from the potential headache.

Receptivity to New Technology

Tapping an expert firm opens the doors to newer methods and technologies that may have otherwise been unknown to you.


Professional Managed I.T. services can accommodate sudden and necessary demands without causing a huge impact on overall operations.

Regulate IT and Labor Costs

Your perennial I.T. expenses are converted to variable costs, allowing you to spend only on services that you need.



We’ve Got A Serverdown: The impact of server downtime on your business


What Does It Mean?

A server down time happens when your business website or app like a blog, ecommerce store, media portal, etc. all of a sudden becomes unavailable to the thousands, if not millions of customers/visitors you have – for reasons unknown to you.


Reasons Why Servers Go Down

Hardware Failure

Network Failure

Software Failure

Human Error

Natural Disasters


Cost of a Server Downtime

The Impact of Server Downtime

  • Sales: Your customers/visitors can’t access your website which means that they can’t buy anything
  • Productivity: Your employees in a server-based workforce can’t work
  • Data: Data may be corrupted or lost due to downtime
  • Time: Without a dependable contingency plan, a lot of time is spent in sorting out the issues
  • Reputation: A lengthy downtime can take a toll on your business or brand’s reputation
  • Satisfaction: Unable to buy from you, returning customers will be unhappy


Can You Survive The Ordeal & The Cost?

Among companies that have suffered downtime, an average of 7% say that their survival would be at risk after only an hour of downtime. Only 6% of businesses are said to survive a severe data loss.


How Can You Prevent A Server Downtime?

  • Schedule regular backups for your data
  • Ensure that power is reliable to avoid power outages
  • Have a high quality, high speed internet connection
  • Invest in a reliable network host
  • Monitor your usage at all times to predict and avoid any overloads
  • Use iron-clad anti-malware, hack, firewall and security protocols
  • Maintain your patch management
  • Educate and train your staff to use these methods
  • Plan agile contingency, intrusion, and prevention procedures where the focus isn’t on data recovery, but on never losing it in the first place.




Save time and money by outsourcing these tasks to a Managed Service Provider, such as Sims Professional I.T. Services Inc.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

– Managed I.T. Services / Process Optimization

– 24×7 Remote Monitoring

– Standardization

– Remote Help Desk

– Procurement

– Proactive Maintenance

– Security Solutions

– Network Documentation

– Cloud Services

– Onsite Support

– Backup & Disaster Recovery

– Infrastructure Services

– Wiring and Installations

– I.T. Support Services

– Virtual Service Desk,

– Hardware Maintenance

– Remote support

– VOIP Phone system support

– Virtualization Services

– The Cloud / Business Continuity / Desktop Virtualization

– Service Virtualization / Virtualization Assessment / Virtualization Management / Hosting Services

– Data Storage 

– Network & Security

– Unified Communications / Networking services / Unified Security

– Managed Services / Anti-Virus / Updating / Backup / Restore

– Managed Continuous Backup / Manged Security / 24×7 Remote Monitoring / Hosted Email

– Local Support (Arizona / USA based) / On-Site / In-Person Support (if required) 

– 24×7 Emergency Response

– Real-Time Monitoring and Updates

– Custom Servers and Packages


and more!



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