Sims versus Xerox… On Paper and Off!

Local or Outsourced

Xerox signed a 7-year agreement with India’s HCL to outsource many support positions, saving an estimated $90M in 2019

Sims just passed its 40th year in serving Arizona! Sims is Arizona’s only locally owned office technology company that has survived and thrived over the test of time.

These recent announcement by Xerox comes as no surprise to us. For decades we all have witnessed major corporations outsource many of our US jobs. In our industry the vast majority of copier/technology dealers have folded, been acquired by a manufacturer, or by a capital investment group. All of these groups typically outsource jobs and centralize their products and services. This is all in an effort to reduce cost, enrich the top layers of their bureaucracy, and please their stockholders. These type of moves create a short-term gain as their clients gets shortchanged and the corporation ultimately suffers.

Welcome to Sims, your refreshing copier/technology company. At Sims, we answer only to our clients, not our shareholders. When you choose us you receive personal service from members of our local community. All products, supplies, parts, billing, service personal, and sales are all located right here in Tempe. With Sims there is not a dozen of 1-800 numbers for each service you may require, only 1 number or 1 e-mail delivers you accessibility to any question, concern, or requests you have! Believe it or not… you actually speak with real live people located at our office in Tempe, Arizona.

Sims is and has always been the leader in office technology, because we never forget our old-fashioned recipe for success… and that is to treat each customer as if they are our most important client! It also doesn’t hurt to have the full support of Ricoh, the #1 manufacturer of digital products, as well as H.P.’s global presence behind us! 

If you feel as if your organization deserves the best, not second best, then call or contact us today!


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